Willkommen In Deutschland!

Germany with its rich heritage in arts, culture, and scenic beauty and with a history dating back to the 56 century BC is today the world’s 7th most visited country, accounting for about 133 million visitors from around the globe.

Traveling options to Germany are numerous in numbers, with almost every part of the country well connected with airways, railways, or bus services.

Tourists looking for a budget travel are recommended to use the German public transport. It is not only cheap and readily available but also offers a beautiful view of the German countryside.

Most German cities provide a “welcome card” which allows tourist to make free use of public transport, with a price tag of €7 for a one day ticket. Accommodation, along with 2 course meals and sighting cost something around €150 (high end) to € 70 (mid-low end) hotels. Tourists are often required to carry an adaptor because electricity is available in 220/230 V, instead of 110V

Prices for goods and services include a value added tax (VAT) which is mostly refundable to citizens living outside the European Union for purchases made from tax free shops.

Germany is an expensive city as far as medical benefits are concerned, so it is wise on a tourist’s part to travel with a valid medical insurance to meet any kind of any medical exigencies .The national helpline number of Germany for any emergency assistance throughout the country is 110

The official currency of Germany is Euro, which is available in the form of seven notes and eight coins, exchange counters are generally found at airports and large train stations.

Germans by nature are quite reserved and traditional too, It is normally expected from people to be punctual and generous. Calling an elderly person by his/her first name is considered as a serious offence. It is customary to greet people with a salutation when people meet for the first time in the day (e.g. “Guten Morgen”, “Guten Tag”, “Guten Abend” and shake their hand firmly.

Germans are pretty much open minded people and it is not at all unusual to find gay couples getting publicly intimate, beer is allowed to kids over 16 years of age , but intake of illegal drugs are prohibited by law.

People visiting the German café or restaurant are usually not lead by the waiter or waitress , they are expected to find a seat and be seated, however tipping the waiter or waitress generously is an accepted norm in Germany.

Germany till date has remained a very safe tourist destination, however tourists are advised to avoid tubes and lonely buses after midnight, not to get into any confrontations with local hooligans and carry their passports or business card in case they get lost, these documents often help the authorities in identifying the person.

In conclusion we can only say that Germany with her huge heritage in art, culture, theology, history, theology, mythology and sociology is a destination with a, “must visit” tag for any person wishing to explore the foundations of Europe and this world by and large.